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Weaver, McWenneger Slough and Foys Bend Projects

McWenneger and Weaver Sloughs and the Foys Bend projects were the first large conservation projects completed by River to Lake partners.   The projects entailed a combination of donated and purchased conservation easements, compensating landowners for restricting development and enhancing conservation values on their properties.

Combined, these projects protected more than 1,200 acres of wetlands, riparian areas and farmland.  Weaver and McWenneger sloughs are crescent-shaped lakes associated with the Flathead River and provide important migratory and breeding habitat for numerous birds and other wildlife.

News story: Easement does it: Flathead Land Trust wraps up major project.

Read more about McWenneger-Weaver Project Success Celebrated, or about all wetland sloughs associated with the Flathead River at Oxbow sloughs.

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