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You can help conserve this gem

The Flathead River Conservation Project is Funded!

Thanks to the support of our numerous partners, their members, and foundations, we raised the $128,000 needed to protect this special place! Click here to read more.

Help us conserve this exceptional wetlands and farm land vital for birds, fish, clean water, and wildlife. Check this beautiful video showcasing the Flathead River Conservation Project north of Flathead Lake.

We raised over $104,000 so far from private donations, foundations, and grants. We have $24,000 left to raise!  You can help conserve this gem with a donation to the R2L Conservation Fund.

The Flathead River Conservation Project is important for connecting critical habitat along the river.

The project will protect 155 acres of farmland and 33 acres of wetlands along the Flathead River. This Flathead River Conservation project is part of a network of critical lands in the heart of the valley. This network is important for sustaining our excellent water quality, abundant fish and wildlife, rich farm soils, and the quality of life we enjoy.


Flathead River to Lake Initiative partners work with interested landowners. 

For over 18 years, our partnership has been finding solutions to help landowners conserve lands that protect our Flathead River and Lake heritage.

Native fish and wildlife: Thousands of waterfowl rely on the farmland and wetlands to feed and refuel during migration. Native fish depend on the river and healthy riparian habitat.

Water quality: The project includes 33 acres of wetlands, and 69 acres over shallow groundwater. These lands help sustain and improve our clean water.

Rich farm soils: Soils are identified as of “farmland of statewide importance” by USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Development puts prime farm and wildlife habitat at risk.

Land along the river is attractive for subdivisions. If we do not seize this conservation opportunity now, we may lose the opportunity to conserve this important place. The family has been farming and stewarding this wildlife-rich land for almost 100 years. Conservation will ensure the family’s agricultural legacy lives on in perpetuity.


You can Help Protect Our Natural Heritage.

Your support will help make this conservation effort a success.

The Flathead Land Trust has approval for a grant for $513,000 from the Natural Resources Conservation Service but we must raise $128,250 (non-federal match funds) to secure it. The landowners are donating over a third of the project’s estimated value in a bargain sale. We raised over $104,000 towards the match already! We need your help to raise the remaining $24,000!  Your donation will conserve our water quality, rich habitat and agricultural heritage in the heart of the Flathead Valley.  Thank you!

For questions about making a donation to the R2L Conservation Fund to fund this project contact Flathead Lakers at 883-1341. For questions about the project contact the Flathead Land Trust at 406-752-8293.

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